The John H. Leblanc Shipyards was the only Maritime shipyard contracted to build the Fairmiles Type B patrol craft. In all, LeBlanc made 15, 7 for the Royal Canadian Navy and 8 for the Royal Navy which were assigned to the U.S. Navy. 

The factory was located on the banks of the Sissiboo river in Weymouth. It was a good location, a railway line was just behind the facility to receive the parts, and the river was easy access to St. Mary’s Bay and a short distance to the Atlantic Ocean. 

Launch of ML 064 At LeBlanc Shipyard, Weymouth NS          A.E. Bollinger Photo – from the Harold Skaarup Collection   

The shipyard operated from the late  1930’s to the 1950’s. It provided work for many people in Weymouth and surrounding areas.

in February 1958, the buildings of the shipyard, burned to the ground. Some new building were built which became Weymouth Industries. Weymouth Industries built pleasure boats and furniture until it was sold



LeBlanc Buildings
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