Q 065 dropping depth charge
Don Gorham Photo – From the collection of Harold Skaarup

Q–065 Commissioned into RCN: 15 May,1942.

Q 065 – notice the camouflage paint scheme
Kevin Joynt Photo – from the collection of Harold Skaarup

Sold 14 June, 1946. 1st registered: 28 November 1946 Nadine II (1946 Canada Department of Transport). #174987 Owner: Colonel W. Eric Phillips, Duplate Glass, Toronto. Nadine was the name of his daughter, skating champion who died  Feb. 24, 1947 at Toronto.

Transfer of ownership record – Owner (1956 – Canada Department of Transport): Grew Boats Ltd., but at 50 St. Clair Ave. West (Dupate Glass office, as that Co. now owned Grew Boats, on behalf of Col. Phillips)

Owner (18 April 1957): Peter LePage, Penetanguishene, ON and Toronto.(Also owned Penetang Eighty–Eight, etc.) Registered: Toronto. Engine: 2 Hall–Scott petrol, 1941. (Following all from ship’s file, Toronto Transp. Canada office):

Owner (15 August 1962): Gerald Alyea, Woodstock.

Owner (1962): Walter G. McEwen, Aylmer, ON registered in Toronto. Changed name to: Audrey A.. (Audrey A. was his wife).

Owner (1965): Watermans Services (Scott) Ltd.,Toronto ON. Owner (1966):

A.J. Kostick & David Auld, Toronto (For taking passengers to Expo ’67 – passenger certification refused.)

Owner (December 1 1967): Hope Haven Rest Home Ltd., Frederick Lafontaine, President

Owner (1969–1973+) – (Canada Department of Transport): Thunder Development Co. Ltd., Toronto, c/o R.A. Watt, Toronto. Home port: Parry Sound. (as a yacht). Engines: 2 1956 Harnischafeger oil Engine Renamed as Alex & Sally – never registered. Partly destroyed by fire 1978. Transport Canada not informed at the time, near Rose Island, Parry Sound Register closed 10 November 2003 https://www.nauticapedia.ca/Articles/Navy_MLs.php