Q 111 (ML 111)
Andre Guevremont Photo – from the collection of Harold Skaarup

At the end of the war, while most were sold, ML 111 and 5 others remained in service as training ships. Ml 111 was renamed “Moose” in 1954.  

Q–111 Commissioned into RCN: 9 September 1943

In Apr 1944 and Feb 1945, Q111 was listed a part of the 78th ML Flotilla, Bermuda.

Sold 26 November 1945 to M.I.L., Sorel. (also noted: Gibson Mills Ltd., Vancouver or Great Lakes Lumber Co. for $5,300 (in one record – confusion of numbers?) 30 December 1947 – “Still at Sorel – not in operation” held by M.I.L. – not converted.

Reacquired for Naval Reserves, HMCS Griffon. Port Arthur, ON In September 1949. At cost of $79,900 for 2 MLs, including conversion of engines; with Q–062 (PTC–762); over wintered in Hamilton. MOOSE, ex–PTC–711.

Ken MacAskill Collection
from RSNFairmiles.com

1956. Sold locally Owner: King Haigh, a diver, as a diving tender, but burned during refitting 1956/1957. Not registered. https://www.nauticapedia.ca/Articles/Navy_MLs.php