ML 120 Maryland Independence

Hi Fred,

Thanks again for sending… The doctor who bought the boat is Paul Davies shown on the list of previous owners. I remember the State of Maryland never registered or Documented her which became a topic of discussion and the USCG was told not to board her. Since she was foreign built technically she 

couldn’t be USCG Documented. However, she was given an exemption and eventually Documented.  After Dr. Paul Davies. I sold her to John ? (sorry, I don’t keep records that far back) who formed a small LLC.

The really interesting part of the “Independence’s” life was whe she was originally bought by an individual as “war scrap” intact with twin Sterling gas engines. (torpedoe tubes included!) I no longer have the details of this.. but the person (Canadian) who bought her gutted her completely over a 3 year period, turned her upside down and laid 5 tons of resin impregnated fiberglass to just above her waterline. She was double carvel planked with monel rivets about 7″ on center as the intent was to use her for mine-sweeping (non-magnetic). He repowered her with twin diesels and she was then sold to a Canadian company privately who as I remember used her to haul scrap on the St.Law. seaway. She was later sold again privately to an individual who

made the first attempt to turn her into a yacht. The deckhouse was made new with rollup trolley car windows, the original pilot house was saved

and refurbished and after she was bought by the the State of MD a suitable bridge deck enclosure complete with a large set of chart tables windshield,with a ladder access from the pilothouse up to the bridge. It’s huge… glass enclosed, doors port/stbd. with the boat deck left open (which was

dirty sitting due to the dry-stack exhaust on the boat deck. 

I had a lot of people interested in buying her.. one group was a southern church who needed handicap access from the salon down to the cabins. I took dimensions and designed a revised layout which would add a one person assist with a wheelchair elevator which would have cost at the time $18,000 (not so bad) plus elimiminating the captains office and a storage closest could leave space for 1 honeymoon suite plus 2 additional cabins. This would mean

along with the aft section accommodations it could overnight 12 persons…plus three crew forward of the galley…again, a huge moneymaker in the charter business. 

I’d love to know what she’s doing now and also have her back as she came so close to obtaining full certification. She’s showing on USCG records

as being “recreational” meaning “private use only… no passengers for hire”. However, she can operate legally under “6 pack” rules and carry up to 12

people while underway including crew for” otherwise, she can do “dockside events” which I booked a couple of wedding parties, etc..for 50. This is what she was doing when she was in an LLC. 

USCG used to list the names of owners.. however, they discontinued this about six months ago and retains all information. The only way to obtain 

owner information is to request an Abstract of Title from USCG Falling Waters, WV for $25.



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