Spud Roscoe – The Fairmiles- Canada’s Little Ships – www. http://jproc.ca/rrp/fairmile2.html

Q–121 Commissioned into RCN: 17 April1944. Retained by RCN to end of 1945.

Held for Naval Reserves, by June, 1948 PTC-721 (no records) Planned for HMCS Cataraqui in Kingston, spring of 1949 (per article in “Crowsnest”).

For disposal 24 September 1950. Not taken up?

Sold 1953? Inshore Fisherman (Freeman says this was ex–Q–120 – error?) #192093 – Canada Department of Transport 1951, Lloyd’s 1953/1954

Owner (1950): Inshore Frozen Fish Ltd., Hamilton, ON Registered: Hamilton, ON

Owner (1951 Canada Department of Transport): Ozofrozen Fish Co., Shelburne, NS

Owner (1953/1954 Lloyd’s): W.L. Sweeney. Registered: Hamilton Engine: 2 Cummings oil Engine Register transferred. to St. John, NB 30 January 1953. Then to Grindstone, Magdalene Islands 19 October

1955 Owner:(1956 Canada Department of Transport): Joseph W. Delaney, House Harbour, Magdalene Islands, QC (to at least 1960) Denis D (ex–Inshore Fisherman) #192093.

Owner (1960+): Same Joseph Delaney, (for fishing)

Scrapped March 1972 (per Weymouth NS web page, 2004) https://www.nauticapedia.ca/Articles/Navy_MLs.php